Jake Peyser
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Jake Peyser

VP of Engineering @ Muse

đŸ‘‹About Me

Hi there! I am a software engineer with a passion for all things product. I've spent my career building out SaaS products from the ground-up to leading teams at billion dollar firms.

These days I lead engineering at Muse, a platform for creators to build, collaborate on, publish and monetize their work. That’s this platform…very meta!

I love the end-to-end process of designing and building digital experiences for a broad set of users. As such, I find myself involved in everything from strategy to research to implementation. Having spent the earlier part of my career in consulting and developer advocacy, I value UX and data-driven product development highly.

These days I spend my time leading teams of engineers working on everything needed to make a great SaaS product: single-page applications, APIs, streaming data jobs, and data storage and synchronization services. I contribute to all layers of the stack, but am most effective at building and scaling complex web applications. Specialization aside, I am at my best when I am deeply invested in the product domain and working to solve real world problems.